Friday, May 28, 2010

a little catch-up

Busy times around here. A few things I did between mid-April and mid-May:

My Scottish duo! We're quasi-named after a traditional Scottish dance that neither of us has played or danced before, but we both liked the name. The header thistle is my design.

Quick colored pencil sketch of flame azaleas next to my front door.

I was back in Iowa for my older brother's wedding back in April. My younger sister sat still for a few minutes, long enough to sketch a small profile

Standing next to my picture at the French Alliance. You can't see it, but around the corner behind me is a photo done by a new acquaintance. We met opening night at the Alliance and discovered we are both Mid-Westerners...she's a Madison import.

I did some other sketches, but don't have photos. Also don't have a photo of the dress I made for the opening night at the Alliance. Alas...I am a somewhat forgetful (lazy?) documenter.
Going to other things, in the Jamaica Plain area (of Boston) there is a place called the Eliot School of Art which I learned, after driving by on Tuesday, offers figure drawing sessions open to the public every Tuesday night for a small fee. Gonna go check it out next week.