Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Birthday Dress Progress

I've been working on the dress from the "pretty pink baby set" in "Knitting Year Round" by Better Homes and Gardens.  I bought the book when I started knitting, back about ten years, and this pattern was my holy grail - a lacy little baby dress marked "advanced".  I thought it was so far out of reach, but I decided to try to make it for Lucy's first birthday and, what do you know, it's actually quite easy compared to some other things I've done.  A happy surprise.  Here are some (sideways..) photos that I took on a bad day for photos - the color is a bit off - it looks gray when it is really a light blue.  (Yes, I'm making it in blue.  Brings out her incredibly big blue eyes.)

This is a little half of the front part of the skirt.  The bobbles are quite tedious!

Close-up of the lace and bobbles.