Thursday, June 17, 2010

plant cities, another possibility

I really wish I could fly to Lyon right now to see this exhibit by Luc Schuiten, a Belgian architect. The link takes you to a French website, but you can hit the arrows at the bottom of the screen to see a sample of his designs. This is such a playful exploration of how the cities of tomorrow could mimic plant life, or as he puts it, draw inspiration from nature for innovation. Needless to say, as a kid who used to dream of living in a tree-top city (among other places), I love this.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


After unsuccessfully trying to cut out some pants (short on fabric by 1/2 yard...agh), I did some sketching for consolation. These are in 9B pencil, my favorite since 5th grade.

Monday, June 7, 2010


i got out my pastels and started drawing the sky after a storm yesterday, made a scene to go along with it. i also discovered the perfect way to go about pastel drawing in my apartment - it involves an ironing board set low enough so i can sit on my bed, a towel over the ironing board to blow excess chalk onto, and a wet towel for wiping fingers. oh, the challenges of small dwellings.

the road to boston - watercolor doodle this afternoon. (road to boston is a contra dance tune, for those of you who aren't on the folk music scene)

Friday, June 4, 2010

morning sketches

matt eating cereal

my mug of decaf

I went to a figure sketching session on Tuesday, which was tons of fun. Unfortunately, my sketch pad of grey newsprint with 9B graphite pencil doesn't have enough contrast to photograph well... Next time I'll take along some pastels and charcoal.

I've got an appointment with a prof at the Rhode Island School of Design next Thursday. Gonna do some show and tell and find out if one of their programs is for me. Excitement....nerves....anticipation.... I'm working on a new shirt and pair of pants, and hopefully they'll be done by then.