Monday, June 16, 2014

Test squares

I went to the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston a couple weeks ago and there was a quilt exhibit.  And there was a quilt done in the "Rob Peter to Pay Paul" pattern that I loved - it was done in two plain contrasting colors.  So at home I doodled in my sketchbook for a while to try out color ideas and remembered I had a magazine with a paper pattern for this block.  (Thanks, Mom.)  Then I looked through my fabric and found a red-orange silk/linen and a teal linen, colors I was thinking of using.

An hour or so later, and here's the test blocks:

Definitely not perfect, and I need to square up the blue corner....but well, it's a start.  I just read that this is a square for "experienced" quilters.  Guess I'll just give it a try, anyway!

I also sewed the bottom band on Lucy's dress and neglected to take a picture, and have a shirt for me half-way done with no photo.  Photographer, I am not.  

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